A samurai who wore red armor - Episode 27 -

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Feb 7, 2017 11:16
A samurai who wore red armor - Episode 27 -

"The reinforcements consisting of the Oda corps and the Tokugawa corps arrived at Shitara-gahara "

Receiving this first report, Katsuyori immediately deployed the Takeda army to lie in wait for the allied forces, leaving the minimum soldiers who could keep to surround Nagashino Castle.

The allied forces were large armies of 38,000.

(However, at this point, it is said that Katsuyori was not aware the concrete number of the allied forces's soldiers, only by receiving the report from his scouting unit "The allied forces arrived at Shitaragahara, are so large armies more than us."

Because, Shitara-gahara where was away about 5km from the place the Takeda corps deployed, in addition, Shitara-gahara was encompassing with a dense fog by continuous rain almost daily.

Therefore, it seems that Katsuyori still could not check the allied forces by looking.)

Katsuyori took it for granted that "They of the big army will go up all at once from Shitara-gahara at the foot of the mountain, to attack us deployed near Nagasino Castle in the middle of the mountain."

"Repel the enemies by 逆落とし(さかおとし saka-otoshi)" Katsuyori gave the command.

(逆落とし meant to attack enemies that are in a low place from a high place.

The one in the higher place than a opponent, is predominantly advantageous. In either case, shooting with bows, guns or charging with spears, swords.

Taking advantage that the Takeda corps were in a higher place than the allied forces, Katsuyori attempted to break disadvantage of the number of the soldiers.)

However, against his estimate, the allied forces didn't come at all to attack them.

"Why don't come they attacking? What the hell are they doing!?"

Katsuyori glared at the direction of Shitara-gahara, shut by rain and fog.

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