A samurai who wore red armor - Episode 26 -

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Jan 29, 2017 21:28
A samurai who wore red armor - Episode 26 -

It is expressed in the documents regarding this battle, "The anger of the soldiers of Nagashino Castle reached in the sky, their grief covered the earth(彼らの怒りは天を衝き(天に達し)、その嘆きは地を覆った)"

They became a state of extreme excitement by the pleasure that reinforcements will arrive at here, and the grief for Su-ne-e-mon, killed unmercifully in front of them,

more than anything else the furious rage towards the Takeda corps.

On the other hand, the soldiers of the Takeda corps was terribly upset by the message which Su-ne-e-mon cried.

They thought that the Oda and the Tokugawa corps couldn't come toward here in this occasion.

The Tokugawa corps aside, they were under the impression as with Katsuyori that the decisive battle with the Oda corps will be done more than a month later.

In the state that can not capture even Nagashino Catle, it was obvious extremely dangerous to fight with the allied forces that would be big army more than the Takeda corps.

Therefore, the morale of the soldiers of the Takeda corps broke down.

"Never waste Su-ne-e-mon's death!"

Nagashino Castle soldiers continued to prevent the attack of the Takeda corps for two more days.

Then, finally, '天正(てんしょう)3年5月18日' on the Japanese calendar at the time (July 6, 1575 on the Gregorian Calendar)

The reinforcements consisting of the Oda corps and the Tokugawa corps arrived at 'Shitara-gahara' at the foot of Nagashino Castle which was halfway up a mountain.

Their number of total soldiers was, indeed, big army about 38,000.

It was nearly twice as many soldiers as the Takeda corps.

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