A samurai who wore red armor - Episode 23 -

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Jan 23, 2017 00:35
The signature on the left side is Katsuyori's(勝頼) one, and the right one is the signature of his father Shingen(信玄). (These are copied and expanded ones)

A mark signed under the name is 花押(かおう ka-ou). It was described for personal identification.

At the time, when high-ranking persons issued documents, their scriveners called 祐筆(ゆうひつ yuuhitsu), wrote the documents most of the time on behalf of them.

However, their names and ka-ous were always written by issuers themselves.

In many cases, son slightly modified and used his father's ka-ou. (In very rare occasions, women used ka-ou too.)

A samurai who wore red armor - Episode 23 -

'Within 3 days, certainly the Allied forces of the Tokugawa corps and the Oda corps come here.'

Even Katsuyori sturdy spirit, was shaken up with this news.

However, Katsuyori pretended to be keeping his composure in order to let Su-ne-e-mon not to sense his state of restlessness.

In a calm voice not to lose his dignity, Katsuyori proposed a deal to Su-ne-e-mon.

"It's a very easy thing for me to kill you here now. However, your courage and ability, to break through such a strict siege of us, are worthy of praise."

"Therefore, I give you a chance to save yourself."

Su-ne-e-mon uttered not a word, and he was only quietly looking Katsuyori in the eyes.

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