The samurai who wore red armor - Episode 30 -

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Feb 19, 2017 23:26
Katsuyori continued to talk.

"Because of the dense fog and long distance, we have not been able to confirm visually the allied forces yet."

"The reports from our scouting unit are confused, too."

"As truly reported, if they are a big army, why they have chosen such the passive tactics as making a large number of fences and staying in the rear of those?"

"Why don't they attack us by taking the numerical advantage?"

Katsuyori looked around his vassals.

"Originally, it is the tactics, often used when a small number of troops protects themselves from the attack of a big troops."

"In reality, they might be afraid of the decisive battle with us, I suspect."

He repeated once more.

"Would the allied forces really be a big army?"

After all, Katsuyori was unbelievable that the allied forces had prepared a big army in this short period.

However, Masakage made an objection against his lord's judgment, strongly.

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