The samurai who wore red armor - Episode 38 -

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Mar 20, 2017 09:51
After the meeting at Iou Temple had been over, the veteran generals, dismissed their cautious tactics by their lord Katsuyori, gathered at Baba's camp.

Baba was relatively older among the veteran generals, moreover, he had popularity because of his strength and honest personality. Therefore, it seems that he had been the center of them.

Then, they did a ceremony called 'mizu-sakazuki(水杯/みずさかずき)' there.

It was a farewell ceremony done when it may be impossible to meet again.

Specifically, It is said that the veteran generals put water in earch other's shuhai(wine cup) instead of sake(rice wine), and drink it with the others.

The reason for the act of drinking water seems to be based on a legend that the gods gave holy water for Buddha, complained of his thirst just before his death.

It seems to be done due to a prayer that 'lest to suffer from thirst at the world of after death'.
「死後の世界で、喉の渇きに苦しまないように 」という祈りを込めて行われていたようだ。

※ベテラン is a word which veteran is localized in Japanese.

※武将(ぶしょう) is a word that means a medieval general in Japan.