Tan-Yakiniku is beef tongue BBQ

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Mar 20, 2017 11:01
Tan-Yakiniku is beef tongue BBQ
“Yakiniku” literally means “to grill meat”, which originates from Korean BBQ. Almost all parts of beef including muscles to intestines are cut into pieces and grilled on hot iron plate. “Tan” means a tongue meat and is an abbreviation of a tongue, while a tongue is “shita” in Japanese. Most of all the yakiniku meat are called in Korean, German and English. I guess that people have avoided to call these parts in Japanese as they did not want to image directly what they are eating by the names. Tan is very popular meat and it has a crunchy soft texture and flavorful. Pictured above is raw tongue, which is very rare (in the both meanings!) and precious as it is more fresh and delicious than the frozen one.