I don't know what should I say

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Jan 3, 2018 13:10
I rented a apartment of a Chinese guy in Thai. My daughter and I will go to there for a , month. the first week we live in hotel, but the prices of hotel in Phuket are expensive. So I rented a Chinses apartment that just for rent. Yes, he is owner and have about three apartments for rent there. So my daught and I will live one of them. I just thought, we have no any language troubles with each other and if I meet some safe problem, we are both Chinese and I can ask him for help. When I get there I will give my husband his phone number just for in case!

At the begining I came here for study English, I just introduce my simply stituation on my profile. I even didnt remember to mentioned my state of family and marrige life because I came here for learning not for anything else. But for everyone who asked my job and something like that, I always be honestly : I am a full time mom and house wife. There are nothing to hide! So I don't understand why I need to change my profile informations? Is really can prove I am not flirting with others if I add " I WAS MARRIED?"

I respect everyone who corrected my diary and wanted to make a friend with me( a really friend not flirt friend). So if I think she or he is a interesting person, and I can learn something from she or he, why can't I chat more and more with each other? if I was show more interesting with ohters, that will represent I am flirting with them? What's this logic?

I am your friend, not your prisoner! If you think of me love to flirting with ohter people, if you think of me don't know what is your feelings, if you just focus on your selfish fellings and don't belive me.... I really really don't know what should I say. Becasue me just me, I am not exist in my explanations. I try my best to kind to everyone, I keep my honest to everyone, If you think of I am a bitch. Whatever. I am me, I have the clear conscience.

Yes, I moved on. Becasue there is my daughter and family need to I take care of them. And I have to focus on the English learning. Not find other guys! Plesase don't insulting me like that!
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