Too late

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Oct 14, 2018 13:21
Tobe late is bad thing that we must avoid it. But, Indonesia person do that such as their culture that have they keep it. I can't be patient. Last night, I have an appointment with my friends. We want to discuss about the real meaning of ideology. We plan to meet at 19.30 WIB, in ZonaCoffe. But, I have to wait them until 20.00, I'm very angry then I go out from this caffe. When I arrived at the park motor cycle, Suddenly my friends were called me. Finally, I comeback to enter the caffe then we start to discuss our theme. Before we start to talk about the material of our discuss, I say to my friends that "I'm very disappointed. I didn't like to waiting for long time. So , please don't repied again, if you have appointment with me, try to be responsible person."
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