Making Sentences With Specific Words (26) // FCE 1

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Jul 13, 2017 12:46 english spanish ingles español
Unlikely: It's pretty unlikely that we'll lose the match.

Adapt: You won't adapt to getting up very early every day.

Merely /mi-e-li/: Tom! I saw with your ex yesterdar morning.
I bumped into her. It was merely a coincidence.
I merely wanted to help, but OK I'll leave (¿me iré?)

Conclusive -> proving that something is true, or ending any doubt.
I haven't known who my father was for years but I had a conclusive talk with my mother.

Partly /pat-li/: I'm not brilliant. I'm partly good at maths.

Effect: After going to kinesiology did it have any effect on your back?

Unique /iu-nik/: This is a unique opportunity to go there, think twice.
This sense of mood is unique to me.You won't be able to see it in any person.

Reassuring /ri-a-yo-rin/ -> making you feel less worried.
It's very reassuring to know that the exam will be put itoff / put it on ice / postponed until next week.