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Feb 16, 2019 23:53 english inglés spanish español

At first, thank you for your reply.
About our representative, we don't know if one of us can go there in April, she is going to know about it around middle of march. So, until when can we send you the application form?

By the other hand, we are interested in make an write interview with IMFACT. Can we ask to their fans if they want to make any question to them? I think if the fans make questions, the interview is going to be more interesting for readers. By the way, the questions have to be in english, right?

Also, we think that a good way to promoting the event is give away a ticket for the concert or signed album for fans. I don't know if it is available, but in that case, we can do give away in our Twitter with some conditions, for example follow our Twitter account, your account and IMFACT account, and make RT to give away tweet.

Anyway, let us know if a kind of give away is available.

Thank you.

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