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Aug 13, 2010 07:25
My dear friend from Singapore

As expected, I write you to give you some news.I hope your working days weren't so hard and you are okay.Saturday morning, I will go two week to Bretagne (North West of France) with my family because we are in holidays until beginning of September.In France, it's the summer holidays (July and August) so I take advantage of them before working. I have a few questions to you : where do you live exactly in Singapore ? Do you have any photos of the city to send to me ? I spoke about you to my father during the dinner and he was impressed that I met you. I would like so much to visit Singapore and other Asian's countries with you (it's my greatest dream) but like you say, I still wait to be older and to have some money.If you travel in France, please come to visit us (we live in Nancy (North-eastern of France) : it is a little city of 110 000 inhabitants.We could visit Stanislas Plaza, a very beautiful place in Nancy. I will be happy to see you and to show you the French culture. I hope you will learn me Asian culture when I will go to Singapore in a few years (if I am lucky). Have a good day (or a good night) and I hope to talk to you again soon when I will go back home (August 30th).

Take care of yourself.
See you soon