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Dec 23, 2017 01:21
I seldom read classic literature when I was a child, although my Chinese teacher always encouraged me to. I always got distracted and could not focus on the books I read.

But recently, I love reading books because I have found audio books. I listen to these classic literature which I hated in my childhood, finding they are so attractive. I always listen to these audio books when walking, so I actually do not need to take out any particular time for it.

I have just finished " Sense and Sensibility" last week, and I'm reading "Wuthering Heights" this week. I really love these stories, talking about human beings , about life, about love, society...

But what' s disappointing is that I haven't found any" perfect" audio books websites. Although some of them are already pretty good, it will be perfect that their advantages can all be combined haha.