The most difficult question! (solved!)

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Aug 21, 2010 08:31 most difficult question japanese
Its a question i've been thinking till i'm studying japanese.

El profesor riñó a los estudiantes diciéndoles que estudiaran más.
El profesor explicó a los estudiantes que saldrían pronto.

Estas dos frases vienen en el libro. La pregunta es por que en una va marcado con WO y en otra con NI.
This two sentences appear in my study book so must be correct. The question is:
Is a very similar sentence (subject- message- to whom- verb) But in the first "to whom" is with WO and in the secondone is with NI.

Can anybody tell me the reason of this?
And if is possible explain me the logical or the rule in order to not make mistakes in future.

PD: Please dont correct my english, i know is wrong but by now im just with japanese.