CAE writting exercise 2

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Jan 5, 2015 18:21
Dear Sir,

I have been asked to write this report recommending a location that would be suitable for the establishment of our new branch in the company. I think Narita would be a good place for that purpose for the reasons I am now mentioning. Firstly, after a long research I have found out that the costs of settlement are really low in comparison with other places that are being taken into account, plus taxes are not too high. Secondly, in this area there are no other companies who works with this specific product that we have developed, so we could have the possibility of getting the whole market demand if we get to handle properly marketing and create the necessity in the population. Which, on the other hand, has a very good acquisitive status, making this the perfect candidate.
Nevertheless, there are some difficulties we should have to work on. There is no qualified staff for this task to be hired in Narita, that’s why we should bring our own employees to settled the company in the first place. If we manage to do that, it would be easy to form local employees in order to work for us. The only problem of this is that most of us do not speak Japanese, therefore we should either hire translators who help us, or spend some time in teaching Japanese to those who will set the branch. Wether it is better to spend money, or time, would be something to be discussed if this proposal goes to the next stage.

Your sincerely,