Verbs with -bu -tsu...? Do you know more? For curious....

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Oct 28, 2012 21:26
Do you know more verbs with these endings? I would like to have 10 of each overall (and its meaning in english). (You dont need to fill all, just say some of them please :) )

泳ぐ Nadar
急ぐ Apresurarse
飲む Beber
盗む Robar
死ぬ Morir
学ぶ Aprender
飛ぶ Volar
遊ぶ Jugar
選ぶ Elegir
運ぶ Transportar
押す Empujar
無くす Perder
治す Curar
探す Buscar
倒す Derrotar
勝つ Ganar
立つ Levantarse
待つ Esperar
持つ Coget/tener