CAE writting exercise 1

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Jan 3, 2015 05:18
(I had to make up some crap to fill a 200 words text)

Exercise: write a letter to the Editor of Auckland News, describing that you lost your backpack and you got it back (blah..blah..)

To the Editor of the Auckland News:

I would like to inform you about what happened recently. I lost my valued backpack while I was on holydays back in Auckland. I was very worried about my stuff since some of the content has a very special meaning for me. I had already made in my mind that I lost everything when suddenly the whole backpack just appeared at home as a magic trick!
It turns out that some very nice citizen from Auckland made the effort of sending me the backpack without even thinking about the expenses! I think this is a beautiful humanitarian act (unless for me) and I thought the people from Auckland should know it. The person who found and sent me this didn’t even tell me his or her name. There is no way for me to contact that person, so the only way I considered to do this was expecting that he or she would see a nice article in the newspaper to express how thankful I am, plus I would like to repay him the sending costs. . I am not just going to talk nice about my trip to Auckland, but specially about how wonderful people there is.

Sincerely yours,
Max Summers