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Apr 26, 2018 09:52
威爾:(聳聳肩) 不是為了保持人類的頭腦忙碌嗎?
弗裡達: 我們對軍事技術的理解比倫理學、教育和生態學的發展要多。
Dmiritri:許多宗教都有一個末日預言。然而, 我不確定事情必須以這種方式結束。
摘要: 一首關於人的潛能和好奇心重要性的詩。
關鍵字: 創造性的智力, 持續的問題, 積極的好奇心, 潛在的創造力
Kasim: (scratching his head) Why do we ask questions that have no answers?
Will: (shrugging his shoulders) Isn't that how the human mind keeps busy?
With respect to Syria, I believe there are so many layers of disinformation by so many different groups and attempts to bend the narrative in various ways that ordinary persons hardly know what is actually going on.
Frida: Our understanding of military technology has developed far more rapidly than our understanding of ethics, education, or ecology.

Ying: Yep! In my darker moments I feel that human extinction is almost inevitable.

Dmiritri: Many religions have an Armageddon prophecy. However, I’m not sure things have to end that way.
カシム: (彼の頭をひっかく)なぜ、答えを全然持たない質問をするか?
ウィル: (肩をすくめて) 人間の心がビジー状態に保つことではない?
フリーダ: 私達の軍事技術の理解は、倫理や教育と生態学より多く発展した。
英:うん! 私の暗い瞬間には、人間の絶滅はほとんど不可避であると感じます。
キーワード: 創造的知性、永続的な質問、肯定的な好奇心、潜在的な創造性
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