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Dec 1, 2016 02:49 essay
Statistics show that 70 percent of people have had negative experience, they can't make logical decision in critical point in their life, unfortunately for me, I have experienced several an accident as long as I gained driving license. The worst of them happened about 7 months ago when I was getting back home on the highway, I was driving in the rightmost lane of the highway that I suddenly realized that a car was approaching me and I didn't have enough time that made decision and got a best reaction, as a result he strongly hit my car, it was clear that he was guilty but he didn’t want to believe this issue. Any way after settling an argument and when the problem was solved I got home. That day was one of the worse days of my life and all the time that happen stick of mind and whenever I am behind the wheel, I can't arrive feeling collected and I can't make accurate decision on driving