Pterosaurs and their flight ability

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Feb 28, 2017 23:43
The article states that the Pterosaur is a reptile. They have long wings, but they are notable power flight and provide three reasons of supports. However, the professor explains that the Pterosaur is able to flight and refutes each of the author's reasons.

First, the reading claims that Pterosaurs are cold-blood because of current reptile are cold-blood too. Thus, they cannot provide sufficient energy to flight. The lecturer opposes this point by saying that fossils of Pterosaurs show they have dense hairs. These hairs cover all of their bodies, and it is a sign of worm-blood animals. Since, worm-blood animals need to keep their body temperature in certain range and must be worm enough. Thus, Pterosaur's metabolism is worm-blood and can produce sufficient energy to powered flight.

Second, the essay adds that Pterosaurs are too heavy and not able to flight. However, the professor contends that although the Pterosaur is a big animal, he is light in comparison of its size. The Pterosaur has hollow bones that reduced their weights, and they have no trouble for flight.

Third, the passage alleged that today's bird are able to jump from the ground to flight, but the Pterosaur have not big muscle in their body to jump. The lecturer counters this point by stating that the Pterosaur's jumping are different from the birds. The birds jump by help of their two hind limbs, but Pterosaurs use their four limbs to jump. So, they are not need big muscle just in behind limbs. They can jump easily and flight with no trouble.
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