Building problem for the birds

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Feb 8, 2017 01:34
The article states that glasses in building made a lot of trouble for birds. Architecture can use some tricks to prevent injury of birds and provides three reasons of supports. However, the professor explains that these solution are not effective to stop injury of the birds and refutes each of the author's reasons.

Firstly, the letter claims that architectures can use one way direction glasses. The professor refutes this point by saying that one way glasses act as mirror in other direction. It makes more danger for birds in comparison of the usual glasses, because this glasses reflect skies and trees, so bird fly to them and make them injury.

Secondly, the reading adds that architectures can dye glasses and make strip in buildings. However, the professor contends that this solution has drawback. The birds consider opening space between these line as a hole, so they try to pass through them and make them injury. Thus, this hole must be small. On the other hand, small hole makes rooms darker.

Thirdly, the article states that if we use artificial magnetic field, the birds fly to other direction and get away from buildings. The professor opposes this view by stating that the birds use magnetic field for migration and long distances. In short distance, they use their eyes. Hence, these field have no benefits.