Some people believe that when busy parents do not have a lot of time to spend with their children, the best use of that time is to have fun playing games or sports. Other believe that it is best to use that time doing things together that are related to schoolwork, which of the two approaches do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Feb 14, 2017 03:13
Throughout history, children have a great contribution to the society. Recently, there have been a lot of controversies about the idea that homework are vital in compare of playing games and sports. Some people believe that parent must concentrate more to their children's education. I, nonetheless, contend there will be many benefits for the children if their parent spent their free time with their children for funny activities. In the following paragraphs, I will cogently present two conspicuous reasons to illustrate this perspective.

To commence, one of the reason coming to mind at first to support the stance above is that funny activities had deep impact on children. They pay attention to funny work when they are young and with do it, they feel closer relationship between themselves and their parent. They think their parent are their friend, so they feel relax. These works had a great effect on children mind and it remains in their memory for a long time. For example, when I was in rudimentary school, I did not have many friends and I was play alone. Sometimes, my father plays with me after come back from work, and we have much pleasure debate during the game. He sometimes cheats me and I sad about it. Then, I cheat him and it was enjoyable for me. I did not forget those times.

Alongside with the elaborated reason above, another equally noteworthy reason in corroborating this point is that although homework are integral, the children can overcome them by asking help from their teachers or their friends. In the today’s schools, teachers use advanced educational method. Therefore, must children did not have any problem with their home works. They spent many time in the schools, and they did most of their home works there. When they come back, they need rest and play. On the other hands, game and play are essential part of children's lives. Hence, parent must consider funny work as indispensable as school activity.

To sum up, based on aforementioned reasons, one can logically make conclude that children need both funny activities and educational home work. Their parent must have a trade of between these two important problems and consider both.