Teachers should not make their social or political views known to students in classrooms.

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Jan 18, 2017 04:28
Throughout history, teachers have made a great contribution to the society. Recently, there have been a lot of controversies about the idea that teachers should not make their social or political views known to students in the classroom. Some people hold the view that teachers should hide their political views from children. I, nonetheless, contend that there will be many benefits for students if teachers discuss political issues of society. In other words, the more students will be exposed on different political views, the more society is likely to become prosperous in the future. In the following paragraphs, I will cogently present three conspicuous reasons to illustrate this perspective.

To commence, one of the reasons coming to mind at first to support the stance taken above is that teachers are knowledgeable people. To illustrate, teachers are among the people of society that possess great information about the society. Consequently, it is more likely that in most cases, they have right views about social or political issues; hence, if students are exposed to these views, they will benefit a lot from the political views. A vivid example to shed more light on this issue is the survey conducted by University of Oxford. The Survey revealed that most of the students appreciate those teachers who make their mindsets about politics known to students. Moreover, this way, students will be encouraged to get involved in politics. It goes without saying that politicians now play an important role in the society.

Alongside with the elaborated reason above, another equally noteworthy reason in corroborating my point is that teachers are a good role model for students. It is widely accepted that students imitate their teachers’ behaviors in different aspects of life especially the behaviors of their beloved teachers. On the other hand, nowadays, politics affect significantly people's life style. So, by knowing teachers' attitude about political issues, students learn how politics affect their lives in early stage of their lives . This has a great influence on views of students about politics. Not only does increased awareness of politics benefit the students, but also it brings about outstanding advantages for whole society. Impartially speaking, the proponents of the statement may allude that teachers should only focus on teaching related course materials to the students.

To sum up, based on aforementioned reasons, one can logically make conclusion that it is absolutely necessary for teachers to inform students about politics and talk about their opinions frankly. However, that was the story in a nutshell; actually, there are other reasons and examples, supporting the claim, whic h are not mentioned here. All in all it is highly recommended further surveys to be conducted to assess long -term effects of this policy to the society.
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