Uniform clothes

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Jan 17, 2017 04:29
The article states that uniform clothes help the student to decrease their stresses and difficulties and provides three reasons of supports. However, the professor explains that there is not evident that the clothes how help to the students and refutes each of the author reasons.

First, the reading states that the uniform decreases cost of their families. They do not need to prepare additional cloth for their children and it is a fashionable style too. The professor refutes this point by saying that it has no effect on costs at all. Their parent must purchase clothes for their children. The children cannot go out by this cloth to vacation. They must have another cloth to wear with their friend.

Secondly, the article claims that it decreases children's distraction. The students pay attention to their clothes and wasted their times. However, the professor contends that this subject of distraction is small. If they have uniform cloth, they pay attention to other thing such as their faces and how they look like.

Third, the reading avers that unique clothes make a sense of community in the schools. To illustrate, Psychologist conducted a research and prove it. The lecturer opposes this point by stating that it is not build sense of community at all. It just try to fit student with each other. Community is cause of other thing not unique uniforms.