Debating on a fossil found in Arizona

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Feb 15, 2017 02:13
The article states that a fossil of a structure found in Arizona. Scientist believes that this fossil belongs to bees in 200 million years ago, but the author have skeptical doubt to this idea and provides three reason of supports. However, the professor explains that this structure made by bees and there are no doubt for this idea.

First, the reading claims that there are no fossil of bees in 200 million years ago. The oldest fossil belongs to 100 million years ago. The professor opposes this point by saying that lake of tree's resin lead to scientists did not found any fossil in 200 million years ago. In that time there are no tree resins and bees fossils are not able to remain during this long time.

Second, the article adds that in the past flowering plant not exist. So, existing of bees are impossible. However, the professor contends that it is true that the Earth are not have flowering plant, but early bees feed on non-flowering plant. After developing plant and advent of flower, they adapted to these new circumstances and feed on them.

Third, the letter alleged that this structure lake same detail. Scientist thinks that this made by wood-boring beetles. The professor refutes this view by stating that chemical experiment has made some evidence this structure made by bees. It have same material as modern bee's structure. Additionally, modern bees have same drawback in their structure.
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