Electrical databases vs paper-based databases for medical purpose

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Feb 16, 2017 04:12
The article states that if doctors use electrical database instead of paper-based database, they faced with several advantaged and provides three reasons of supports. However, the professor explains that benefits of electrical version of database are uncertain and refutes each or the author's reasons.

Firstly, the reading states that electrical database has cost effective. Doctors are need to store paper and transferring of paper that have a lot of costs. The professor opposes this point by saying that in electrical database also has a lot of cost. They need to systems to store these data. In addition, doctors use paper as back up. So, the storing them have cost too.

Secondly, the letter adds that electrical database eliminated medical error from illegible hand write. However, the professor contends that these processes did not omit these bad effects. Many doctors use hand written electrical system and do not use typing and computer font to write. Hence, stuff must read this hand write too and error are possible.

Thirdly, the author alleged that this new approach help to research to get easily their desire data from other patient. The professor refutes this view by talking about medical privacy law. In USA, there are a low that did not permit to scientist to access medical folder of individuals. They are privet and researchers need to pass a lot of hard process to read these folders. Also, patients must permit them and this low is a big obstacle from that.