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Jan 13, 2017 07:30
The reading and the lecture are both about John White and his group, which they went to North America and then disappeared. The author of reading believes that they do not disappeared and colonize in the Island of Croatoa and provides three reasons of supports. However, the lecturer casts doubt on the claims made in article. She thinks that there are not any prove that they settled in the Island.

First of all, the author claims that when White returned he has a wood that Croatoa carved on it. This point is challenged by the lecturer. She says that it no sense that they settled there. They left English with a lot of food so they did not need to be there. Furthermore, she points out Island located in opposite direction and it is impossible that they went to this direction.

Secondly, the reading states that many English artifact thinks that this Island have no settler. This argument is rebutted by the professor. She suggests that there are no prove for this claim. She elaborated on this by mentioning that they have food trade with them.

Finally, the article mentions that settler of the Island have blue eyes and white skins that are sign of England people. The lecturer, on the other hand, feels that it is not vestige of colonizing their group in Croatoa. She puts forth the idea that English people and Island's settler have contact in past and this sign maybe comes from that period and they get the characteristic of English peoples.

In conclusion, the lecturer and the reading are both about of future of White. The professor effictively challenges the claims made in the article.