Using buzzers(individuals that promote product to comsumers) for advertise

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Feb 18, 2017 06:04
The article states that many company hire buzzers to advert their products. This type of advertising have many debate in the society and the reading provides three critics. However, the student explains that these critics about buzzing are misleading and refutes each of the author's critics.

Firstly, the reading claims that buzzers get money for advertising and this have not a good sense for consumers. The student opposes this point by saying that it is true all buzzers get money. All of buzzers are people that bought product, and they are satisfied for goods. If buzzers are not praise these products, companies will not hire them at all.

Secondly, the letter adds that consumers pay less attention to buzzers, because they pretend that they are individuals. However, the student contends that this is not true at all. When they advertise goods, people ask a lot of question about it from buzzers. If they did not ask them, consumers will not buy them.

Thirdly, the author alleges that buzzing decreases trust between people. The student refutes this view by talking about this idea is stupidly. If product was bad, companies did not hire buzzers at all. Buzzers always tell true about goods and people are free to buy them or not.