historical European silver coins

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Feb 14, 2017 03:17
The article states that some silver coins found in the North America. Archaeologists believe that these coins are not genuine historical evidence and provide three reasons of supports. However, the professor explains that many archaeologists think these coins are not fake and refutes each of the author's reasons.

First, the reading claims that there is a large distance between the Native American site in Maine and North America Remains of Norse. So, it is impossible that it was original. The professor opposes this point by saying that there are other objects in this site. The Native of American travel long distance to obtain objects. Then, they brought back these silver coins.

Second, the letter adds that in this site there are no other coins. However, the professor contends that this is not necessary true. The Norse settles in the North of America. The European pick coins to trade with them, after doing trade they come back and return this coins with themselves.

Third, the article alleges that European’s people did not use these coins as money. The professor refutes this point by stating that the Norse people also did not coin as money. These coins are a attractive object and they use it for their beauties. They consider coins such as jewelry and use in trades.