4-Day Workweek

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Jan 2, 2017 03:52
The article states that four day workweek has numerous benefits for both employees and businesses and provides three reasons of support. However, the professor explains that it did not dramatic change and refutes each of the author’s reasons.
First, the reading states that four day workweek decreases expenses up to 34%. The professor refutes this point by saying that although employee will consume less gas, but how much it is important? Every person take 30 mile away to work per day in average and it expense 20 dollars for fuel, but they do not work one day per week and so losses much money. At result, it will be worst.
Second, the article claims that decreasing work week, declined cost of business. However, the professor contends that with five day work, business loses 20%. Also, employee must work up to 10 hours in day work and it increases the cost. Finally, with a few save money 20% of business lost.
Third, the reading avers that employee will spend much time with their family. The lecturer opposes this point by saying that it not added. The professor say that employee must work 10 hours per. In addition, so they return to home late and during work day, they are less with their family. Also, if they have children in school, they force with problem because they must go to school to come back their children to home. So, children will be in trouble in their parent day work.