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Jan 21, 2017 23:58
The article is about dams and states that they are beneficial way to produce electricity. However, the professor explains that a lot of research must be conducted to evaluate dam's effect and it need drawback.

First, the reading states that dams have any positive effect to environment. It makes an artificial lake, so it is a suitable habitat for fishes. The professor refutes this point by talking about environment suffers from dams. They hold water behind themselves and fishes not able to migrate. Also, it makes flow of water slow.

Second, the article avers that producing energy by dams have no pollutants. However, professor contends that they have pollution. Dams create floods and it died vegetables. Also, it produced Methane, and it is harmful such CO2. This gas produced acid rains.

Third, the reading claims that dams building have not financial burden. Government use dams both producing electricity and irrigation for agriculture. The lecturer opposes this point by saying that it need huge costs and community suffer from this expenses. They must build a artificial lake and people tax provides it.