Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teacher were more appreciated and valued by society in the past than they were nowadays. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Feb 7, 2017 00:22
Throughout history, teachers have made a great contribution to the society. Recently, there have a lot of controversies about the idea which scientific society is vital effect to our lives than teacher. Some people hold the view that doctors have more impact in comparison of teachers. I, nonetheless, contend that there will be many reasons the teacher's effect is more. Much of our childhood time spent in school. Before each person be career, we use teacher advises during our lives. In the following paragraphs, I will cogently present two conspicuous reasons to illustrate this perspective.

To commence, one reason coming to mind at first to support above stances is that now teacher are knowledgeable persons. They study psychology, sociology and so on during their major. They have a lot of information about how guide student. They use advanced approach to teach students. Hence, their impact on the students more than other people. Most of student always follow their teacher advices in the future and say it to their families. For example when I was in rudimentary school, I always have trouble to memorize literature poems. My teacher taught me a trick to learn and after that it be easier for me. When I get older, say it to my son and now he use this and enjoy memorizing poems.

Alongside to above reasons, another equally noteworthy reason to this view is that they made future for society and students. Nowadays, every person knows that and appreciated them. In past people have not impact of them in their children’s future. They thinks that teacher's duty is teach course to student, but now we know that beside academic lesson, they foster us. They learn us how work with each other. How follow our dreams.

To sum up, based on aforementioned reasons, one can logically concluded is that teacher build future. If we have a good teacher, we will be happiness. On the other hand, bad teacher can destroy future. Hence, they have a nice situation among people.