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I am a beginner studying English.
I am looking for someone who will patiently tell me.

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My shoulders hurt! part2 肩が痛い その2 With native lang

The last time injection was good effect, so I am free from pain. Thank you for your concern. My shoulder pain began from three or fou...
  • 97
  • 16
  • 4
  • English 
Apr 22, 2018 16:06

My shoulders hurts! 肩が痛い! With native lang

I have a pain in my shoulder, it is "shoulder periarthritis". The so-called frozen shoulder. Both 40 and 50 the symptom are th...
  • 110
  • 33
  • 4
  • English 
Apr 17, 2018 18:44

About Hanko culture ハンコの文化について With native lang

Yesterday, when I received home delivery service and I pressed the stamp on receipt, and I thought a little. (we call the seal is "H...
  • 115
  • 20
  • 3
  • English 
Apr 10, 2018 14:41

Let's have not forget the feeling of gratitude. 感謝の気持ちを忘れずに。 With native lang

I learned piano when I was a child. At the time, as the piano was expensive, I had only an organ. However, when I bought new musical sc...
  • 78
  • 7
  • 1
  • English 
Mar 31, 2018 19:09

Do you know Margherita? マルゲリータを知っていますか? With native lang

My mother asked me while watching advertisements this morning. "What is Margherita?" "It is a name of pizza" I to...
  • 102
  • 15
  • 2
  • English 
Mar 22, 2018 18:42
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Testimonials from My Friends

Eriko is one of the best Lang-8 users. She always talks to other users in a friendly manner. She not only has a great personality but also has excellent language skills. I highly recommend her as your teacher or friend.