Please, help me to improve my translation skills and be more сompetent as most of you))))

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Hello my dear friends. Already for two years I practice translation of different text types and levels. And I really need constant view from both native speakers and Russian/Ukrainian speakers. It seems to be easy when choosing some article for each case or proper gerund but I often have doubts and some disputes with others.
I need your help, as more as possible. And I will take to my mind every your remarks and work on it to become better!

I'll be thankful and appreciate every comment.
Maybe I have some mistakes even in this post :D

Well I`m gonna put some translation text for viewing without original, but if you need, original text will be posted as well.

I am expecting to know what you think)

To load data from external systems/databases, a multilevel architecture is implemented, each level of which solves its own problems.
The organization of flows is implemented in such a way that from one level to another only the information that will be used is transmitted.
The information model for data exchange between information systems and DWH and data exchange formats will be defined at the next stage of the System development.
Data will be loaded into DWH incrementally (delta detection).
The increments will be determined on the side of the system from which the data is downloaded.