If You Can Win Ten Million, How Could You Spend The Money?

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Apr 24, 2011 21:45
China has a well known TV show that girls can choose boyfriend via the show. Each time, the TV show will invite 18 girls and 5 boys. Girls will analyze and judge every man whether he is the Prince Charming.

Ma nuo, she is a Chinese girl. She said some words in the program, at that time, her words caused controversy by the national media. She said” I would rather cry in the BMW, I won’t smile on the backseat of bicycle”. China’s media vigorously criticized this weird attitude for love and feeling, because people thought the girl’s opinion only has the attitude that exclusive concern with money.

Antian, he is a Chinese, but his family immigrated to US. So he never accept China’s education. He graduated Harvard University and now he is studying phD in another university. He hope that he can find a Chinese girl via the TV show. End of the program, he almost already have the opportunity can choose one girl be his girlfriend. And finally he asked one question to two girls. He said” If you win ten million RMB adapt to lottery. How could you spend it?” One girl said” I will take my mom travel around world”, another saidmy life won’t change”. Apparently, the answer for Antian is not enough. He said” Harvard’s culture taught him many things. if I can earn much money, I will put the money to society, and help those people who poor, disease and under the bad environment. I hope I can return to society”. And finally he leaved the program alone. He can’t find his dream girl in this program.

Between those women and man, they have different views about money. Antian’s love will more greater than Chinese people. We also have love, but we only care about our family, relatives and friends, we don’t care about those people who we never seen. Maybe our love more selfish than Antian’s love. China’s media said” Antian really taught a lesson to Chinese people. “ I agree this point. Antian’s inner heart more richer than others.