I got an email from my mother after about nine years absence and she is apologizing to me.

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Aug 4, 2012 23:01 parent childhood post card
It was my birthday today and I had a good day as an usual. However one thing I got special thing that I got an email from my mother. It has been for about nine years since I had contact with her last.
In her writing, she is apologizing about her action before. My parent abused me whole my childhood and so I was not really happy in my early adult life. I can tell that my life before was terrible. However when I was 37 years-old, since I noticed that my problem cause of my childhood, I stopped to contact with them from at that time and I have been focusing that make my happy life. Since I became feeling much better than before recent year, I sent a post card to them last week.

Today my mother apologized about thing before. That's my wishing for long time. So I am happy about it but also want to cry. However I am happy she sent me an email but also I feel angry. Yes, my feeling tonight is so complicating. However I have a feeling that I will get a nice happening in short time.


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