It is common that the action of child to give worries to a parent.

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Aug 4, 2012 09:12 parent action child feel free
In a serial drama of the morning, an actress of the part of mother said to father of the child "it is common that the action of a child to give worries to a parent.".I agree with it.
It is better we don't make worries to the parent but if I think of it, we always feel free and happy. Even if we made an mistakes I can think that how to over come from that without giving worries to parent or people around me.

迷惑や心配をかけずに生きるほうがいいですが、仮にこんな風に思っていると、今よりももっと自由に広い世界で生きられると思います。安心や自由は、仮に何かあった時そのことに対して周囲を巻き込むことなく ”自分で出来る何か" を探す活力になると思います。
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