She Only Didn't have One JPY

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Apr 27, 2012 07:57
Yesterday, I talked with my daughter and she said that I have to go school by bus but my money is less only one JPY.

It is only one JPY! Oh my god! I told her that you should try to find it from anywhere in the house because one JPY is falling down in the house!

But she couldn't find it. I prefer that going to police office and rend a money from them. I am sure that they absolutely help you because I did it when I was child, I added. But she don't want to do that then decided that don't go there.

Afterword her teacher called to her then teacher said to her that you have to go to the police office and rend the money to come to school. She was considering with feeling worry and couldn't decide how to do. I said that who is the main person for studying is you so you can choice what you want. She decide that don't go.

I only respected what she want and I told her that you can do what you want, and you can decide you don't do what you don't do . There are a lot of rules in the school or your society and they all are for you and not someone. You stop at red signal on the street for and it is not for someone. Teacher says don't run on the floor, and it is for you and it means you take care of your body but it continue to take care of your school mates.

Well,We laughed a lot with another talking. It was a pity she couldn't find only one JPY but this happening might have gave me a good time to talk her. 
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