Time Goes First.

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Jan 29, 2012 22:52
Time goes first it doesn't matter what I am doing.

This morning, I left from my house to go to the Library by bicycle.

Althogh I couldn't ride it but now I became can do it.

As the weather was nice and didn't feel cold that much, I didn't want to get off the bicycle front of the Library.

I rode around Nagoya Castle for a 30 minutes.

I been the Library for almost 5 hours.

I read a book which I bought it in Sydney. I searched something I need via Computer.

Mostly I studyed with my journal. It was the most fun thing today.

I really apreciate with all corrector.

I will keep going improving.

Thank you so much.

(o^o^o)あ(o^-^o)り(o^o^o) が(o^O^o)と(o^.^o)う

Well, although I wrote yesterday that I will tell the happy thing today, there was a nothing special thing.

But I learned that there are people who being honest with them usual self.

I always feel relief when I see the person who is being honest with their feeling.

Especially if they are Male.

It can be a little bit (small/tiny) nice thing today .(^^)