A Kangaroo

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Jan 16, 2012 18:56
I saw the TV proglam called "Kangaroo cull Canberra Australia".

When I been there, I only saw a few of them but in the TV there were lot of them and they sometimes appear in the garden of the people's house. They also hurt to some of people in there. The govermant tried killing them but people who taking care of animals didn't want to do that.
I can't to explain anymore about the proglam but I also didn't want to kill to them. However, if while I was asleep Kangaroo came to my bed and hurt me, how scare about them. I understand both situation.

Why the Kangaroos came down to the town?
Was it because of human did something? Was not enough grasses for Kangaroo live in there?

They looks cute when I saw them and I love to see them. When they standing up by legs or scratching their body by thier arm, it looks like really human...
The baby is mostly inside the pouch. I thought that they are luckly because they can ovserve the outside only they want to it. The human sometimes may have to look at the outside even if we don't wanto it.
But I sometimes look for a reason why I don't want to look it and it is interesting.

I saw the view in Australia where I been. I loved thier.