Country of Australia that I looked at.

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Jan 14, 2012 12:12
Australia is a wonderful country. Although I spent only 3weeks and it was mostly at a sightseeing spot while I was there. However the sightseeing spot was really beautiful and the city area where general people lived in was surrounded naturally. I was really fun.

DO you know the people called "ABOLIJIN". The movie name of "Australia" I watched it in the airplane, there are Aborigine people. I think that the person who lived at long long ago coexisted with nature. I think that they used their sensitivity for living because they don't have conventient tool like now. I could see it in that movie.

The people whom I met in a city area were kind to me. For example, when I lost my way then I asked a lady, the lady asked me that "do you understand my words?". The another man used him GPS to show which street we are now and he said that "I don't know which direction we are so I want to make sure for you".

People who lived together was taking care of environmental protection. Example, how to throw away our garbage, how to save of the shopping bag. Also a man who invite me to his home is used to return our left over foods to his garden. They can see warm when the weather is summer(Now).
I also met very tiny Mantis and buttflies. They are happy to live in his garden.

I also lived with the Vietnamese lady and talked with the Chinese lady. Also the man taught me his English while I was there.

Those my writing are my memory about the country of Australia. I want to know more about there . I also get a chance to think about our accents but I will write it later....