Please agree make a good worker-ship with me.I want to say good things when I left there.

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Aug 4, 2011 21:14
I got one thing at the morning time in my work.

I had injection to a the girl who 15 years old but it couldn't well. Therefore I asked to my boss because I want to hurt her aim again so I wanted change for injection to her. She did it well, I just looked at her way because I wanted learn how to do it. I have been work at only surjery until I do work now. I wanted learn something internal medicain.
Afterword, I went to another place. There is some co-worker and my boss. I heard about her talking which is talked about me. That was she didn't want I looked at her way while she was helping me.She didn't want to help me. Her talking was I stared it while she was doing it.
As I was behind her, She couldn't noticed about I heard it soon. Other co-worker who noticed about me made her talking stop. She noticed me and surprised it.
I was also surprised it and feel very sad. But I ended up instinctively saying my feeling to her and other's.
That is "I would like to hear it soon if I had mistake. Please you tell me soon. Please don't tekk another person. If you did it to other's, without me, I ever couldn't understand it for ever.You please don't say behind me."
While I talked it to her, I kept my hand on my heart. I don't know why I did so.
Whill I talked it, onother co-worker has nothing talk, they answer with a nod.
I don't know how they felt about it.

Afterword, I apologised to other's that "I am sorry I make uncomfortable in this clinic".
After finised our work morning time, other some co-worker looked at me, then they have smlle.
I am little tired my heart but I want to go work for me. I think I am okay. I also think that I can find out happy things in my work today. I Just try it because I will finish my work last this month. I want to say good things when I left there.

In the afternoon, I tryed making good conversation with her. So I tryed that I don't look at her without I have a problem.
And my thought was I want to say something nice thinking to her and so I can left with happy feeling.

After finished our work, I said to her that "I didn't know about your feeling that you don't like my aciton which is looking your way. That's why I wanted see is only I want to learn something from you. Because you have better knowledge than me so...but I tried it today that I don't look at you, was that okay for you? but my boss said that...this story will continue to next day.
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