Nowadays it is generally accepted that fast food has come under fir...

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Nov 25, 2016 22:20
Nowadays it is generally accepted that fast food has come under fire over the past decade, following people's concern om health. Some people say that fast food is really harmful to our health. Lets us consider what the advantages and disadvantages fast food are.
Fast food is the emphasis on diversity and richness of flavour, taste and choice. First and foremost excessive consumption of fast food causes dependence and contribute to obesity. A typical fast food meal involves a very high energy density than a healthy food. It has cholesterol and causes heart disease and another health issues.
Moreover, some people do not concerned about own body and abuse harmful products. It is like a drug, you addictive and then unable to stop. It is important to realise that Fast meal can help you; For example, it can be prepared and served very quickly, so you can save your money and time. But I still think that people should avoid "junk" food because those who like it are facing a serious problem threatening their health.
As suggested above, I can say that the fast food, despite its price and convenient can increase a lot of personal problems, such as weight and various diseases.
To draw the conclusion, one can say that convenient and inexpensive foods is not good for people, especially for children. If we want to stay healthy and to be in good shape, we should replace poor diet on healthy diet.