Competition entry- Best member of any family award- Mother's Love

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Nov 10, 2011 03:02
Who does not love his/her own mother? The love of a mother is a gift that has no value. However, I would dare say my mother is the best candidate to be given the price! An award like the one you are offering is the least she deserves.

My mother has been throught very difficult times since she was a toddler. She was the oldest of five children their parents had. This, which at the beggining looked like a blessing turned into a curse when my grandmother passed out leaving the children with his father. As a consequence, my mother bacame the the substitute mother of the family. Never in my life have I met a person so enduring, approachable and self-made as my mother.

Afterwards, when she got married and had my 2 siblings and me, she remained as the living spirit she was since her childhood times. Ever since we were little kids, she has been a caring person who does not rest until everything we need is fixed, arranged so we could enjoy our lifes.

There has been times when she has taught us the hard way, making us to do our duties not caring if we did not not want it or if we really disliked doing it. "Everything that must be done, must be done" she used to tell us. This has made of me and my siblings respectful, level-headed, determined adults and are grateful to her for that.

Although, my mother is blessed with the love of her family, I think she has never been really taken into consideration for all the sacrifices good actions she has done. That is the main reason why I consider she should win the award.