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About me

I live in Japan. I've been studying English for 5 years.  However, I am bad at writing in English.  
I'm looking forward to communicating with the people of this community.

I’m studing English, and work for an energy suppy company in Japan.
My current duty is making a new IT system, so I’m an engineer.
Although I'm over 50, learning English,everyday. I’m trying to create short essay, and ask to chech by native speakers by helping to this web sites.
I'd like to talk to you in English in order to improve my conversation skill.

Do you want to learn Japanese? Do you want to your Japanese writing/reading ability?,or Speaking?
If you want to learn Japanese speaking , I am OK to talk with you by Skype.
I love my bike and Onsen, ...
それではまた。 いっしょにべんきょうしましょう!
See you!

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20190114 Composiciòn española 01

2019.1.14 Hola! Mucho gusto. Me llamo Shiro Kitaura. ¿Cómo está usted? Yo estoy muy bien. Yo soy de Japón. ¿Usted habla japoné...
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Jan 14, 2019 11:34
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