English essay4

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Jul 11, 2019 16:35
English essay4
I need to submit this essay to school.
Can you correct a mistake?
It is continuation of my previous post.
I wrote about How To Succeed
At last it is most important thing:you should not give up so fast.I learned this lesson from Unit3.In this Unit,The main character of the story was put under hard circumstance.It is too difficult to get over however,he did not lose hope.I think that no one can succeed without effort.Successful persons are making some effort.For example,when I high school student,I had a friend who is busy every day with her club activity.I thought that she would have no time to study.However,she always got a good grade on a test,and she finally passed her first choice of university.It is really good example.You should not blame others or circumstances for reasons why you cannot accomplish something.You can do anything if only you have motivation.All you have to do is to keep working.