English essay 3

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Jul 11, 2019 14:19
English essay 3
It is my homework to submit to school.
Can you correct a mistake and give me advice?
*It is continuation of my previous post
I wrote about how to success.


Then,We also need luck to become a successful person.In Unit2,A family were suddenly involved incredible incident.From this Unit,I learned that we do not know what will happen to our life.In other words,we have so many opportunities to get good luck around us.You should try to keep your eyes open for anything and try to do anything what you want to do.I think that luck is what you gain by ourselves.Even if you take a mistake,what you experienced make you improve.Successful people know that every failure is a stepping stone to success.Would famous inventor:Thomas Alva Edison fails many times to invent a light bulb,but he did not think it was a failure.He kept trying various ways to invent this,and finally he made a big invention.you continue to trying anythings,you will be able to get a huge break sometimes soon.