Before starting to learn English, I was a person who doesn't ha...

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Aug 12, 2017 22:25
Before starting to learn English, I was a person who doesn't have clear opinions of my own about various issues. I felt that I was kind of an approachable person, because of that.

The more I study English, the more I feel that I need to have opinions, otherwise I can't express myself, speak or write about anything

I had a feeling that women who had an air of ambiguity were relatively preferred by lots of people in Japan. I am not sure if it was a sign of the times or if it was an aspect of Japanese culture. 

In this day and age, each and every person seems to project a different image about me. It's really interesting.

Although I actually feel that I've been losing my Japaneseness, some people seem to sense Japanese elements in me. Some find me different from ordinary Japanese women, which sounds amusing to me somehow.

I've probably been hoping that I would change myself since I was little. Maybe I was being bored to be reserved even when I was very little.




自分としては、実際、日本人らしさを失っていってるように思うけど、私の中に日本人を感じる人たちもいる。 それや、普通の女性と違うと言う人たちもいる。おもしろいね。

おそらく、私は小さいころから 自分を変えたがっていたのかもしれない。たぶん、小さいときの大人しい自分にうんざりしていたんだと思う。
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