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I would like to speak English fluently before I die. (死ぬまでにはペラペラになりたいです。)

I'm very interested in English pronunciation, as it's probably the most difficult part for Japanese people in learning English. (発音が一番難しい、だから 発音にものすごく興味があります。)

*Ah, no offense to you, but I would like to have native English speakers correct my English, as I really want to learn real, natural English on Lang-8. (添削は英語のネイティブの方だけにお願いしたいです。本当の自然な英語を学びたいので)

I have a voice-blog in English. I would like to get some feedback from native speakers about my pronunciation and intonation. If you could help me, I would highly appreciate it.

(ここで英語を話す練習をしています。発音やイントネーションの悪いところを指摘してもらえたら 本当に嬉しいです。)


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The Mouth is The Gate of Evil? 口は災いのもと? With native lang

This weekend, I worked with four native English speakers and seven Japanese speakers. We worked as an interviewer for junior and high sch...
  • 98
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  • English 
Feb 19, 2018 18:31
mitsy Premium

Hey, I'm Also A Fanatic English Learner  私も熱狂的な英語学習者だよ With native lang

I feel that more Japanese people have come to be interested in learning English nowadays. And so, some people came to me and asked me abo...
  • 168
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  • English 
Feb 11, 2018 18:18
mitsy Premium

Boost My Morale! やる気を出させて With native lang

I wish I were very studious, but I don't want to be now. lol Whenever I welcome the new year, my heart is confusing. I feel I am a...
  • 129
  • 17
  • 6
  • English 
Feb 5, 2018 22:28
mitsy Premium

I Shouldn't Be Complaining 文句は言えないはず With native lang

I've got a weird thought again. The thought has been occupied in my mind since last week. I know a woman who has been "taki...
  • 167
  • 20
  • 8
  • English 
Jan 22, 2018 10:25
mitsy Premium

My Last Week With native lang

An American lady who used to live in Japan gave me a surprise phone call last week. She visited Japan because she seems to have decide...
  • 143
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  • English 
Jan 14, 2018 18:59
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