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  • Only in the cars and buses, frost can cover windows.
  • Only in the cars and buses, can frost can cover windows.

Dec 10, 2018 14:27 Public Window Frost
First of all, let's start with 'Rushed'. Rushed means to move quickly and hurriedly. For example: John rushed to the store in order to buy food for the party. However, in some contexts, rushed can also mean to approach someone in a forc...

Dec 1, 2018 01:37 Public A Bad Experience with a Dog
funny (adjective) 1 a funny movie | these guys are really funny: amusing, humorous, witty, comic, comical, droll, facetious, jocular, jokey; hilarious, hysterical, riotous, uproarious; entertaining, diverting, sparkling, scintillating; ...

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