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Jan 15, 2019 16:50
Why do people write entries about something they like? Who is interested in it? Who is interested to read what you like? It’s nobody.
However, I write. Hearing something that touching me, I write about it (if I have something to say). Didn’t it touch you like me? OK.
Recently I wrote an entry about a Russian folk band (Отава ё) and said that it could hard to understand it for Russian learners. Friend of mine asked me then, what kind of music I could recommend for Russian learners. I had few to answer, but yesterday I remembered a performer, Eugeny Grishkovetc. Although I’m not a big fan of Grishkovetc (I have a strange tasty), I want recommend him to you. I don’t know how to define his style. It’s neither rock, nor pop, nor rep. His songs, which I’ve heard, are small plays. He performed also a large plays. I read somewhere that Grishkovetc is a genre-person (человек-жанр).He is singer and actor and playwright. Lyrics of many performers (Russian or not) can be too primitive or too nonunderstandable. Emotions change off ideas. I have been trying to understand English song lyrics and to explain Russian song lyrics to Russian learners and I can’t say what is harder. But I thing lyrics of Grishkovetc is “sensible”. Am I Right? What do you think?